+The Neural Basis of Synchrony

button box

You’re at a concert with your friends. The guy three rows down from you starts clapping. Then someone near him start clapping…and soon after, you’re all clapping and are in-sync! Ever wonder how that happens? We do – and it’s one of the questions we’re trying to answer. This past year, we continued development of a real-time system that helps us conduct experiments to study how synchrony works in people.
The box to the left connects to a computer that generates a series of “beeps”. The person hears the beeps and tries to press the button at the same rate. We then turn off the beeps, but tell the person to try and continue pressing the button at the same rate.

+A 4-channel ECG

ecg demo boxYou go to the doctors for a checkup – and the first thing that the nurse checks is your heart rate. The box to the right does the exact same – and connects to your iPad! The video (below) is this box in action connected to an oscilloscope. Check out that heart beat!  This is an example of a biopotential amplifier that can measure activity from skeletal muscles and the heart.
We demo’d this system at an outreach event to 5th graders at the 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue in Decatur, Georgia (pictures below). The box was connected to a student and the iPad was connected to the classroom projector.  The students could measure activity from flexed bicep muscles as well as sit still and see their heartbeat.



ECG Demo from Yogi Patel on Vimeo.

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